History of the IFIMAR


Creation date

The Mar del Plata Physical Research Institute - IFIMAR - is a double dependency research institute (CONICET - National University of Mar del Plata). It was created on March 13, 2008 by resolution RD 0589/08 of the CONICET Board of Directors and endorsed on March 18 of the same year by the Ordinance of the Superior Council of the UNMDP No. 2284/08.

First authorities

The first interim authorities (2008-09) were Drs. Héctor Martin (Director) and Alberto de la Torre (Deputy Director), responsible for initiating the IFIMAR institutionalization process. In the period 2010-11 the direction and vicedir. interns were exercised by Drs. Gonzalo Izús and Oscar Sampayo, respectively, who were in charge of the execution of the first operating budgets of the IFIMAR. Dr. Izús is currently in charge of the direction, and he assumed the position of Regular Director (by competition) of the IFIMAR in August 2015, with Dr. Rubén Buceta remaining in the position of Deputy Director.

Reasons for the creation

The IFIMAR was created from a proposal jointly submitted to the authorities of CONICET and UNMDP by the teaching-researchers of the Physics Department of the FCEyN, most of them researchers from CONICET. This proposal was based on the understanding that the conformation of a Physical Research Institute based on the nucleus of researchers of the Physics Department of the FCEyN should contribute to bring together researchers from the Physics or related area, Both the UNMDP and other institutions in the region, providing them with an institutional entity that represents and identifies them. In particular, it was considered that the consolidation in the form of an institute would allow a qualitative leap in the organization, financing, scientific production and future projection of the research work, as well as in the training of postgraduate human resources, providing them with a greater institutional entity when competing in subsidies / equipment programs or building modernization.


The IFIMAR is a field of scientific and technological interaction whose objectives are:

  1. Generate a critical mass of scientific researchers in physics who develop their activities within the Institute, in close connection with the training of human resources of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.
  2. Attracting through an updated thematic offer and an adequate infrastructure to young graduates or those who are about to graduate to undertake internships, final Bachelor projects, and Doctoral Thesis work through scholarships provided by scientific and technological promotion organizations.
  3. Incorporate young post-doctorate researchers, with a permanent or transitory nature, in order to contribute to maintaining the research team and / or generating exchange mechanisms for researchers, respectively.
  4. Promote university teaching activities of its members in the field of UNMDP or other Universities, as well as extension of scientific dissemination in the city of Mar del Plata, in the region, and in the country.
  5. Implement development programs for deficit or vacancy areas, linked to the region's global needs in the area of ​​physics, such as the acquisition of specific scientific equipment or the incorporation of researchers in underdeveloped areas.