• The IFIMAR library currently has more than 2300 copies (among books, diploma works and doctoral theses) managed by a professional in the area who works full-time in this department. Periodic publications (more than 4000 copies) are in the processing stage to form the Hemeroteca. In turn, the corresponding database will be made available in the Collective Catalog of CAICYT once it is finalized. The library provides the following services:

  • Bibliographic searches.

  • Automated loan system.

  • Automated query catalog.

Interlibrary Loans: Contact has been established with the Library Network of the CSIC (Spanish National Research Council), of which we are currently "users". This allows the request of the "papers" requested by scholars and researchers, which are sent in electronic format or by postal mail, at no cost. In the same way, contact was made with the Library of the University of Seville, who proceed in the same way to send the requested articles. There is also a cooperation agreement with the Leo Falicov Library of the Balseiro Institute and the Library of the Biological Research Institute (IIB) of the UNMDP. Links have also been strengthened with other Libraries of Universities and National Institutes such as: Library of the Mathematics Institute (INMABB), Library of the Engineering Faculty of the UNLP, CNEA Information Center, Library of the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences of the UBA, etc. In the same sense, CNEA has obtained access to the IAIS (International Nuclear Information System) database, which has articles in electronic format for online access. Finally, online access to numerous specialty journals is available through the Electronic Portal of the SECyT.